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The New You Is Emerging Now

As your health coach, I will support you in an organic transition to your best healthiest self by identifying what the new YOU looks like, deconstructing what is blocking you, and serving as your guide-on-the-side as the new YOU takes hold. I will help you reset beliefs that may be holding you back around the relationship between food and lifestyle and how they both affect physical health and emotional well-being.

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As a person approaching or beyond middle age you are aware that your youthful years are behind you 

You want to feel good now and into your senior years

But often you feel overwhelmed and trapped in the vortex of a busy life 

Forced to sacrifice health, relationships and overall well-being

And possibly suffering from chronic health conditions, insomnia and increasing aches and pains that you've come to simply tolerate

You feel out of balance and stuck

I felt the same way coming into middle age as a single parent managing my career, child and household...utterly exhausted

Many older adults dream of feeling good and living a life with abundant wellness and extended longevity and soul-satisfying careers/retirement and relationships 

But have no idea where to start

Until now


"I am ready for nourishment and balance in all areas of life"

- N U T R I T I O N - 

Relationships | Career

Physical Fitness | Spirituality

Social Life, Joy, Creativity, Finances, Education, Health, Home Cooking, Home Environment

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Physical well-being is only one good thought away

- Health - 


"I honor the work we do together"

I would describe Becky as insightful, knowledgeable, friendly, non-judgmental. I would recommend her to anyone really - but most especially to single working women (beyond college age), because we usually don't often have that built in support structure to not "own the world".

Becky assisted by providing resources and insight on how things interconnect...for example how changes in diet/nutrition can affect the physical body (i.e. pain reduction). Also just having someone to discuss daily challenges I encountered along the way, without any judgement, was invaluable.

My biggest tangible change was changes to diet…in exploring the concepts of whole nutrition and "carb addiction", along with my choice to eliminate sugar & wheat, I have vastly reduced pain in my joints.

The most significant overall change I have noticed has honestly been my willingness to share intimate details about my daily thoughts and feelings. Usually I keep these to myself to avoid the judgement of others. But I felt safe to share deep emotions and thoughts I would otherwise not. Previously these feelings/thoughts would spiral into deep depressions or self-doubt. By sharing openly, in or close to the moment it happens, I am getting a better grasp on when I am over critical of myself.

Think of this as an "investment in me".


Becky has helped me to feel more confident in myself and while talking to others. I have learned to become more aware about my water intake and what I use to fuel my body. We started our journey in September 2020. Now, six months later, I have either reached my three month or six month goal for each category we chose to work on. During our sessions, we always talked about what was going well in my life and what needed work. Most of all, I am grateful to Becky for being someone who is trustworthy and easy to confide in. I truly feel like I am on my way to becoming an improved version of myself and am a lot better at balancing the different pillars of health and well being.

Harneet Kaur

Becky is a blessing and has changed my life for the better. She really listens and lets me feel what I need to in that moment.

Angela Gahm


Want to work toward becoming You 2.0? Contact me today to learn about what I can do for you.

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